Text of email from Jenny On Monday, February 16, 2004:


Jenny xxxx wrote:


Still plugging away at my genealogy.  So today, I learn that dad was

the 20th cousin 3 x removed to Queen Elizabeth.  Yes, that means Jacob

is a Prince....for sure.


Back in those days, the only births that were recorded were royalty.

So this line has been traced all the way back to Judah.  Yep, your

Jacob descends from Judah.  Down through the Kings of England, over to

America, where we descend for several more generations.  This

connection comes through Harry Moore's grandmother, Rachel S. Oxley


was married to Nathan Moore.  Her line has been fairly well documented

over time and there are many books on her ancestors as they go back to

the British Royalty.


Rachel is the 22nd cousin, 3x removed to Prince William.  But even

without that, she is still a princess for sure!!!