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Notes from Jen:

Satt missed Lauterstein but Schwarz did not.

Joseph Nudelman - helped start a synagogue in Oregon...

 Kaila Nudelman is an aunt to Joseph Nudelman (I think) and she married a the Lauterstein in Cotopaxi must have been related to the Nudelmans there.

Link to article about Joseph Nudelman in Nevada:


Nudelman, Moscovitz, Lauterstein
think they may all be related and may have migrated to Portland Oregon. Will do more tomorrow - got some good leads tonight.


Misc. Nudelman Notes

May 27, 1882, 15 month old child of Joseph Nudelman died.

Source: Report of Mr. Julius Schwarz on the colony of Russian refugees at Cotopaxi, October 23, 1882


Morris “Zedek” Needleman, wife Rivka and 4 daughters

Nudelman – baby that died at the colony.

Julius Schwarz letter to HEAS March 2, 1883

The famous report of Denver commences with the history of the
Cotopaxi Colony, as copied from my report. Already at the intro-
ductory lines we meet with a conspicuous instance of the utter
carelessness and the want of study of the case, which those gent
lemen willingly undertook or rather snatched up to treat. They
say, namely, that since the existence of the colony only one

child died, while two children rest in the little cemetery of Co-
xi, the children of Joseph Nudelman and of David Grupitsky.”


1910 Census, Chicago Ward 3, Cook, IL

Rebecca Nudelman, 37, born England, immigrated 1880 (AKA Rivka)

Morris Nudelman, 46, born Russia 1864, immigrated 1880

Pearl Nudelman, 16, born 1894, Illinois

Reuben Nudelman, 12, born 1898, Illinois

Isadore Nudelman 8, born 1902 Ilinois

Census shows he is Russian, Yiddish, she is English, but both her parents are Russian, Yiddish.  He is a proprietor, owns a saloon.  She had 4 children, 3 are living.


1.      Morris Needleman

2.      Rivka Needleman (wife of Morris Needleman)

3.      Needleman, daughter 1

4.      Needleman, daughter 2

5.      Needleman, daughter 3

6.      Needleman, daughter 4

Jen – Oct 29 note - In the book I got today (he Centennial History of the Jews of Colorado 1859 - 1959)....the book does show 4 daughters.

Flora Jane Satt's thesis has:

pp31 – 20.  Morris “Zedek” Needleman, with his wife Rivka, and four daughters.


Dorothy Roberts has:

Zedek, carpenter, wife and four boys, from Kieff, Russia

Zedek is another family, not the same as the Nudelman family.  Both families had property on Oak Grove Creek.  The Zedek property is now Tom Young's place. The Nudelman property was further downstream, from roughly Palmer Gulch to a point about 1/3 -1/2 a mile above Cotopaxi, as outlined in the map above.

Is “Zedek” some religious title, as in “Melki-Zedek”?  (Melchizedek of the bible…spellings vary)




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